Personal Coaching

Engage personally to take your persuasive skills to the next level.

Persuasion in person

Refine your ability to engage audiences so that they open up to you and your ideas. Engage a Cruxio coach to build your authentic presence while unleashing your persuasive potential. Our personalized approach capitalizes on your strengths and equips you to eliminate communication barriers so that you can calmly be yourself while motivating audiences to act!

Persuasion over the web

In the virtual environment, it’s more difficult to build relationships and presence with your audience, but it’s vital to your success. Coaching will help you optimize your space and technology so that your professionalism stands out in the virtual environment. We’ll also tailor tips from our deep experience in presentation delivery that amplifies your persuasive power in the virtual environment.

Strategic story development

An experienced coach will save you time by accelerating your creation of a persuasive, robust strategic story. A coach can also support you in selecting, designing, and creating media that best serve your goals.

Web-based: five hours total, as one-hour or half-hour sessions

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