Engage personally to take your persuasive skills to the next level.

We offer three types of coaching tailored to your specific need. All sessions are virtual except sessions focused on pitching in person.


Several weeks of concentrated engagement designed for one or two senior executives in preparation for major events.

Fees <$100,000.


Three concentrated weeks designed for a small team in preparation for an important communication.

Fees <$30,000


Flexible half-hour or one-hour virtual sessions for individuals or small groups.

Fees <$5,000


EMERGING COMPANIES. We have developed dozens of successful financing pitches with CEOs of emerging life science companies, so we understand the challenges of conveying scientific value to investors. Most clients return to us through successive rounds of financing because each stage brings a new story and, often, different types of investors.

LARGE COMPANIES. C-level executives in large companies sometimes engage us to pitch for resources, but more often their goal is to motivate action in the context of change.

The process in both cases is the same: we typically schedule three one-hour sessions per week over several weeks following the seven-step process in depth, using proprietary tools. These collaborative sessions always include the most senior executive, and may include one other C-level colleague (e.g., COO, CFO). Specialists are brought into sessions where their expertise is needed.

If slides are required, Cruxio creates them after the storyboard is finalized. Once the slide deck is completed, we coach presentation delivery virtually, if the story is being conveyed virtually. If the story is being conveyed primarily in person, we prefer to coach delivery in person.

Guided Sprints

Assemble a small, committed team and sprint toward a big goal. Guided Sprints enable you to learn our strategic story development process while applying it to your own mission-critical story. As a result, your team will:

  • experience first-hand the power of approaching persuasion strategically,
  • develop a new approach and mindset to building mission-critical communications, and
  • make rapid progress toward your goal!

All sessions are virtual. There are eight half-hour training sessions covering each step of strategic story development. Between sessions, you’ll receive 45-minute coaching sessions to help you at each step of your story.

In advance, all participants receive a Cruxio Bridge and a copy of The Cruxio Bridge Guide, which explains each of the steps covered in the training. Below you can see an overall timeline illustrating how the training and coaching sessions alternate over the three-week sprint.

Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching covers strategic story development, media, and presentation delivery. Prepaid five-hour coaching packages are good for up to a year and can be used as half-hour or one-hour virtual sessions.

Strategic Story Development. Coaching will save you time by accelerating your creation of a persuasive, robust strategic story following our seven-step method.

Media. Our coaching supports you in selecting and creating media that best serve your goals. Clients often seek our help to present scientific data more clearly and simply.

Presentation Delivery: virtual. In the virtual environment, it’s more difficult to build relationships and presence with your audience. We’ll show you how to optimize your space and engage your audience so that your professionalism stands out in the virtual environment.

Presentation Delivery: in person. Together, we’ll build your authentic presence while unleashing your persuasive potential. Our personalized approach equips you to eliminate communication barriers so that you can calmly be yourself while motivating audiences to act!

man and woman sitting on chair in front of silver macbook

“In an ever dynamic business world, the ability to convey data driven opportunities with razor sharp focus is a differentiator—Cruxio’s work enables such, creating both clarity and ownership.”

Chief Culture Officer

“Since 2007 and to this day, Cruxio has taught its methodologies to Stanford University’s Innovation fellows from the Byers Center for Biodesign. Many of the fellows are physicians and engineers new to the idea of pitching to investors—a key element of the program. Consistently, the learning transformed their pitches: they become sharper, more engaging, and persuasive.”

Fellowship Director (2006-2019)
Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign

“I engaged Cruxio to help me develop one of the most important presentations of my career. Cruxio demonstrated an amazing ability to rapidly distill messages and create a compelling story arc, tailored to the audience, illustrated with clean graphical support. Cruxio’s process is an inspiring, enjoyable dialog, which made the hard, time-pressured work feel like playful pleasure.”

Former Head of Global Product Supply
Roche Diagnostics