• 1. Vision 1. Vision

    Every strategy serves a vision. The first step of our process helps you create a vivid picture of the future.

  • 2. Decision

    It's vital to identify and evaluate the decision that you want the audience to make.Poor stories frequently fail at this point.

  • 3. Audience

    Here you identify different audience segments, and methodically consider different perspectives.

  • 4. Relationship

    People are influenced most by others who are like them. This step considers how each audience segment identifies with you, the presenter.

  • 5. Context

    Conference room? Ballroom? Phone call? The context of your story influences how we design the story and the visuals.

  • 6. Themes

    Having understood the audience more clearly through the first five steps, it becomes easier to identify the data, logic and examples that are likely to persuade them to give you the "yes" that you need.

  • 7. Macro-Story

    A Macro-Story is the skeleton of a rational argument. This step is more focused on the head than the heart. We build several Macro-Stories before selecting the final candidate.

  • 8. Structure

    In this step we weave the story together so that the communication is clear to the head, and compelling to the heart.

  • 9. Visuals

    When developing a presentation, many executives start by making slides and then revising them repeatedly. In contrast, we create visuals, such as slides, last. Visuals based on a solid storyline are clearer and more powerful.

  • 10. Delivery

    An executive might have a wonderful story and a stunning slide presentation, but unless he or she can deliver it effectively, all their work is for nothing.

    Our presentation delivery coaching helps you to maximize the value of your work.

work process

The first five steps of our ten-step process focus on people. This surprises many of our clients at first, because most executives start with data and facts. If both heads and hearts influence decision-making (even in science and business!), then you will be more successful by focusing first on your audience.