What our clients say

We work with senior business leaders in life science businesses. Here is what they have to say about the book (The Cruxio Bridge Quick-Start Guide), our training, and the results.

The Book

“I have created multiple stories using the Cruxio Bridge model. The practical results that each story produces convince me of this method’s power. This book reveals the underlying magic that creates clearly structured, persuasive, action-oriented stories. Learn and apply the magic—I have found it transformational!”

—Dr. Pierre-Alain Ruffieux, CEO, Lonza Group Ltd.

“The Cruxio Bridge model has achieved remarkable results for me over the past ten years. It has enabled me to convince the Novartis Executive Committee and Board of Directors to act on multiple occasions, and at Moderna, I have used the model to engage internal and external stakeholders in the rapid development of a vaccine for SARS CoV 19.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Cruxio Bridge Quick-Start Guide—it will help you master the art of persuasion!”

—Juan Andres, Chief Technical Operations, Moderna Therapeutics

“I used to struggle to build a clear, compelling story that would produce the outcomes I wanted. Applying the Cruxio Bridge model over recent years has completely changed that. Now, my messages land with more impact and I go into high-stakes settings more confident of achieving the desired result.

The Cruxio Bridge Quick-Start Guide will show you how to structure and pressure-test your ideas, making you a more effective and influential communicator.”

—Jerry Cacia, Chief Technical Officer, Graphite Bio


Cruxio’s strategic story process equipped me and my leadership team with a crisp, focused set of messages to a broad array of audiences including our institutional investors, the FDA, physicians and their patients.

During subsequent Cruxio training I was delighted to see my executive team light up to the possibilities of communicating complex scientific data to both scientists and non-scientists in ways that were clear and compelling.

—Dr. Jeff Stein, CEO, Cidara Therapeutics

“Since 2007, and to this day, Cruxio has taught its methodologies to Stanford University’s Innovation fellows from the Byers Center for Biodesign. Many of the fellows are physicians and engineers new to the idea of pitching to investors—a key element of the program. Consistently, the learning transformed their pitches: they became sharper, more engaging, and persuasive.”

—Dr. Todd Brinton, Fellowship Director (2006−2019), Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign

“Most of us in leadership roles have been trained on how to present, but Cruxio goes beyond that to teach us how to influence. The techniques help the presenter maintain a smooth flow, keep the audience engaged, and synchronize words and visuals to maximize understanding and buy-in. The result is a focused and persuasive presentation.

I have applied the skills with positive feedback from participants and good results. The training has definitely enhanced my communication skills.”

—Carlos Pereira, Head of Global Theranostics, Novartis


“When you endeavor to inspire others, your credibility is at stake. Following the robust Cruxio Bridge model safeguards your credibility and creates powerful, convincing messages that will convert your dreams into tangible action. I continue to have my top talent trained in the Cruxio Bridge process because it results in clearer communication, thinking, and decision-making.”

—Adriana Rubio, Formerly President, Roche Diagnostics Latin America

I’ve created hundreds of pitch decks over the years, but only recently engaged Cruxio to help. Their process has changed the way I will create all my presentations going forward. The Cruxio approach is methodical, targeted, and rooted in empathy for the audience. The pitch presentation we created together is distinctive and the feedback we’ve received has been exceptional. Rob and Wendy are masters of their craft, not to mention delightful collaborators. I would recommend them to any person or company that needs help influencing new investors, prospective partners, or leaders to see a better vision of the future.

—Dr. Todd Harris, CEO, Tyra Biosciences

 “In an ever-dynamic business world, the ability to convey data driven opportunities with razor sharp focus is a differentiator—Cruxio’s work enables such, creating both clarity and ownership”

—Jerh Collins, Chief Culture Officer, Novartis

“We retained Cruxio to make our company’s presentation more visually compelling. However, Cruxio’s systematic process required us to first rethink our strategy and the story we wanted to tell investors (we used the presentation to complete a major financing). The result was a presentation in which both substance and style were dramatically improved – largely because they were developed in that order.”

—Jim Wilson, Chairman of the Board, Corcept Therapeutics

“The pitch went very well today. Several folks commented on the clarity of the presentation. There were two professional videographers recording the proceedings. I ran into one of them in the hall afterwards; he stopped me, shook my hand, and said:

‘I’m a video producer and I wanted to congratulate you on that presentation. It was so clear that I almost understood it, and I haven’t had chemistry since high school. Normally PowerPoint decks are murderously bad; yours was terrific!’”

—Dr. Kevin Judice, CEO, Dice Molecules

“We received a steady stream of unsolicited compliments on the clarity, structure and polish of our sales presentation during a recent roadshow in Europe. These qualities have been a consistent characteristic of Cruxio’s work with us in developing high-stakes sales presentations for globally diverse sales teams. Cruxio’s approach includes a unique and collaborative development process, a rare ability to distill complex technical information and powerful visual interpretation of concepts to deliver high-impact presentations. That has been a winning combination for us.”

—Omead Ostedan, formerly, Global Head of Marketing, Illumina

Our Clients

We work with senior business leaders

83% of our clients are VP-level or above. Four out of five of these individuals have returned to work with us again. They tell us that they value the rigorous logic of our processes, the clarity of message, and the power of speaking to people’s hearts and minds.

More than 90% of the executives we work with are in fields that identify disease, treat it, or work to understand it. Our methodologies can be applied to any business communication—we just happen to love the fields of drug development, clinical diagnostics, and biomedical research.

Our clients include several of the world’s largest pharma and clinical diagnostics companies, including Roche, Genentech, Novartis, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca, Lonza, Abbott, and Cardinal Health, as well as biomedical startups seeking investment.