The Crux of the Story

Develop persuasive stories that motivate action.

Cruxio specializes in creating persuasive stories that are strategically important, such as financing pitches. These “strategic stories” repeatedly enable business leaders to get the results they need to succeed.

We offer training and coaching

Strategic storytelling for business leaders

We have a unique grasp of life-science, business strategy, psychology, and story. This saves time communicating to us the complexities of science and business. Our expertise equips you to convey your message with the finesse of psychology and the art of story.

The Cruxio Bridge

The Cruxio Bridge physically represents in layers how a clear, robust strategic story is structured and fits together.

The model bridge fits inside the box you see here, along with wooden tiles that summarize the seven-step process of building a strategic story. We equip business leaders to build strategic stories that motivate action based on this Cruxio Bridge model.



The Cruxio Bridge Guide

This highly visual guide explains the easy, step-by-step process of building a strategic story. Applying it will build your reputation as a professional whose clear, persuasive messages stand out above the noise, prompting effective decision making and action.


8-hour Workshops & 1.5-hour Focus Sessions

Persuasion Strategy

Build Bridges to Action
8-hour workshop

Persuade people in business by working smart—strategically smart. This workshop shows you how to create clearly structured, robust strategic stories.

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Persuasion Tactics

Engage Your Audience
8-hour workshop

Decisions are made both rationally and emotionally… by tapping into both you can gain a major advantage—this workshop shows you how.

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All Eyes on You

Persuade in Person
8-hour workshop

A clear, persuasive story supported by high quality visuals is worthless unless you can deliver it effectively. Take away nine skills from this workshop that will lift your presentations to the next level.

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What people are saying

Dr. Todd Harris

CEO, Tyra Biosciences

“Cruxio’s process has changed the way I will create all my presentations going forward. The approach is methodical, targeted, and rooted in empathy for the audience. The pitch presentations we created for our Series A, B, and IPO received exceptional feedback and enabled us to raise over $300M within 2 years. I recommend Cruxio to anyone that needs help influencing new investors, prospective partners, or leaders.”

Jamie Levine

CFO, Cardiff Oncology

“Cruxio’s process added strategic clarity to how we think about and communicate our value proposition. The subsequent makeover of our story and visuals made our interactions with investors easier and more successful!”


Percentage of executives
who re-engage Cruxio.

> $5 Billion

Value of cumulative fund
secured for Cruxio’s clients.

> 1,500

Number of business people
trained in Cruxio’s methods.


Build and apply your skills


Secure the support you need to succeed

Engage directly with Rob to attract investor financing or to secure approval for capital investments. 

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Guided Sprints

Learn by doing, together

A team sprint combines training and coaching over 3 weeks as you develop an important strategic story.

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Personal Coaching

Build and apply your skills

Need help to build a strategic story or be at your persuasive best? We’ll tailor our coaching to you.

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