Develop persuasive stories that motivate action

Storytelling for Business Leaders

Cruxio specializes in creating persuasive stories that are strategically important, so we call them “strategic stories.”

We have a unique grasp of life-science, business strategy, psychology, and story. This saves time communicating to us the complexities of science and business. Our expertise equips you to convey your message with the finesse of psychology and the art of story.

The Cruxio Bridge (below) physically represents in layers how a clear, robust strategic story is structured and fits together.

cruxio bridge with case

The model bridge fits inside the box you see here, along with wooden tiles that summarize the seven-step process of building a strategic story. We equip business leaders to build strategic stories that motivate action based on this Cruxio Bridge model.


Become a Persuasive Storyteller using the Cruxio Bridge

Persuasion Workshops

Create and deliver strategic stories

Learn and apply principles, methods, and skills that amplify your persuasive power.

Focus Sessions

Concentrate on key leverage points

Focus on critical factors that improve your ability to influence audiences and decision-makers.

Personal Coaching

Influence specific action with help from a Cruxio coach

Coaching tailored to your needs will help you to be at your persuasive best when it matters.


Secure the support you need to succeed

Engage directly with Rob Wishnowsky to develop your persuasive pitch. Since founding Cruxio in 2005, Rob has collaborated with hundreds of executives, helping them to secure more than five billion dollars to date, cumulatively. Four out of five of these business leaders return because they value the rigorous process and personal engagement.

“[Cruxio’s] process has changed the way I will create all my presentations going forward.”

“I’ve created hundreds of pitch decks over the years, but only recently engaged Cruxio to help. Their process has changed the way I will create all my presentations going forward. The Cruxio approach is methodical, targeted, and rooted in empathy for the audience. The pitch presentation we created together is distinctive and the feedback we’ve received has been exceptional.”

—Dr. Todd Harris, CEO, Tyra Biosciences

Raise Funds

Attract investor financing or secure approval for capital investments.

Get Buy-in

Build support for vital changes, such as implementing new processes, strategies, or structures.


Percentage of executives who re-engage Cruxio.

>$5 Billion

Value of cumulative funds secured for Cruxio’s clients.


Number of business people trained in Cruxio’s methods.

The Cruxio Bridge Quick-Start Guide

The highly visual guide explains the easy, step-by-step process of building a strategic story.

What people say

“The Cruxio Bridge model has achieved remarkable results for me over the past ten years. It has enabled me to convince the Novartis Executive Committee and Board of Directors to act on multiple occasions, and at Moderna I have used the model to engage internal and external stakeholders in the rapid development of a vaccine for SARS CoV 19.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Cruxio Bridge Quick-Start Guide—it will help you master the art of persuasion!

—Juan Andres, Chief of Technical Operations, Moderna Therapeutics

“I have created multiple stories using the Cruxio Bridge model. The practical results that each story produces convince me of this method’s power.

This book reveals the underlying magic that creates clearly structured, persuasive, action-oriented stories. Learn and apply the magic—I have found it transformational!”

—Dr. Pierre-Alain Ruffieux, CEO, Lonza Group Ltd

“I used to struggle to build a clear, compelling story that would produce the outcomes I wanted. Applying the Cruxio Bridge model over recent years has completely changed that. Now, my messages land with more impact and I go into high-stakes settings more confident of achieving the desired result.”

The Cruxio Bridge Quick-Start Guide will show you how to structure and pressure-test your ideas, making you a more effective and influential communicator.”

—Jerry Cacia, formerly, member of Genentech’s Executive Committee